Sunday, March 18, 2012

Milwaukee Fire Department

My friend Jessica requested a Cake Mama cake for her husband's 20th anniversary party with his colleagues at the Milwaukee Fire Department. What an honor! She sent over some inspirational ideas and one picture had the Maltese Cross and the other was a cake filled with flames. I thought it fun to incorporate both for this cake. It needed to feed 60 people, so a sheet cake seemed the best solution.

The Maltese Cross and flames are made out of a gum paste/fondant mix and the rest of the cake is covered in buttercream. The left side of the cake is chocolate with chocolate ganache and caramel filling and the right side of the cake is a yellow cake with raspberry buttercream filling. I honestly don't know which side I would go for first!!

This cake was a huge honor for me to make and I appreciate ALL of the work the firefighters do for our community.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank You For Helping Us Grow!

My friend Beth placed an order for her son's teacher's birthday celebration. She wanted a cake for the teacher to take home and cupcakes to share with her class. As inspiration, she sent me this picture of a platter that they were going to give to the teacher as a thank you for her hard work.

I love it when clients do this, by the way. It's fun for me to personalize a cake in this way.

So, when I looked at the inspiration, I really wanted to incorporate the flower for obvious reasons and I thought that green would be the best accent color. So here's what I came up with.

It's not pictured, but I added writing on the side of the cake that said, "Thank you for helping us grow." I felt that the side was a little naked and needed something more.

Here's the top of the cake. I was able to imprint each of the petals and when complete, I used some purple luster dust to give it some sheen and accentuate the imprints.

These are the matching cupcakes for the class.

The cake is a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream and half of the cupcakes are yellow and the other half are chocolate. The flowers are made out of fondant.

I hope JP's teacher has a great birthday celebration!