Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Give Me Five!

Today, my oldest daughter turned five.  I kind of can't believe it's been FIVE years already.  Where on EARTH did that time go?!  She is a spectacular little girl, full of creativity and imagination.  I'm honored to call her my daughter. 

So, this special birthday required a special treat to bring in to school today.  Josie requested cake pops.  Oh no.  Not just plain cake pops.  She's was specific.  She wanted pink cake, (I made a yellow cake and dyed it pink) with pink chocolate and pink sprinkles with the letter "J" on them.  Yep.  Specifics.  Gotta love it!  Here's how they turned out. 

 I'm pretty sure she was pleased!  Her party will be in a few weeks and she'll get her cake then.  Think Disney Villain.  I can't wait to get started!

Happy Birthday, my sweet 5-year old.  I love you to infinity and beyond!