Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 Academy Awards Party

Another Academy Awards Party is behind us.  This year, we switched things up a great deal. In all honesty, we got a puppy in August of last year and the big crowds we've had in years past just seemed to be so daunting to us as we tried to navigate our usual party.  Danny and I decided to scale down a bit to keep it easy and casual.  And my schedule has been overwhelming lately so I really welcomed this more relaxed atmosphere.  

We invited just a few friends over for dinner and to watch the Oscars with us.  Again, we kept it casual, but that doesn't mean we didn't plan!  We had a good time changing things up a bit.

Per usual, we ordered the year's official Poster and my daughter, Jo, made the Best Picture Banner this year.  Our parting gifts to our friends were the popcorn boxes filled with popcorn, candy and soda.

The past Academy Awards programs also made an appearance as well as some additional film reels I'd acquired this year.  The two posters of Julie Andrews and Cary Grant are among my favorites.

To accommodate our dinner party, we moved all of the living room furniture into our dining room, and moved our dining room furniture (and an additional table and chairs) into our living room.  

Everyone had a great view of the television.

Place cards were these chalkboard easels I found at Target this week!  What a find!  Danny used chalk to write names and he made them look like little clapboards.  

The easels were on top of the napkins that were folded to look like envelopes.  (And the Oscar goes to...)

The card inside the envelope was actually the menu for the evening.  Here's the back and front of the cards that I made and ordered from Shutterfly:

Fresh flowers and candles made for a very pretty tablescape.  

We kept the food themed to an Italian meal that started with a variety of Antipasti.

Bruschetta and Caprese Salad were favorites!

Danny had a Tiramisu Martini ready for the guests when they walked in the door.  These were DANGEROUSLY delicious!  Good times were had almost immediately after consumption!  LOL!

Caesar Salad followed by a palate cleanser of Orange Sorbet.

Lasagna with Celery Bread was absolutely scrumptious!

Dessert was a Tiramisu Semifreddo that was a great end to our meal.

Our evening was very fun and full of lots of laughs.  The fact that it ended in such a surprising fashion just added the icing on the cake!  Here's Danny - mind blown!  Congrats to Moonlight!

I don't know what next year's party will bring, but this year's filled me up in so many ways.  It's always great fun to have such wonderful friends over on such special nights!