Saturday, April 23, 2011


Several weeks ago, Kristie asked me to make a cake for her husband and my dear friend Mike's birthday. She gave me complete control over the cake and told me whatever I came up with would be fine. I've known Mike since I was 15. He was a freshman and I was a sophomore in high school and we had one class together that year; Western Civilization. I remember being totally obnoxious in that class (our friend Robin will totally back that statement up) and I just remembered Mike's red hair and thinking that he seemed nice...and sort of funny...but really smart. First impressions, eh? I was mostly right. He actually turned out to be much funnier than I initially gave him credit. ;)

We became the very best of friends throughout high school and even in college we kept in touch. I remember him telling me about his really hilarious friend Danny who was NEVER there when I went to visit him in college and I therefore began to refer to Danny as Mike's "imaginary friend." About five years later, I married Mike's friend. He's not imaginary afterall. :)

We still get together regularly for our Gourmet Dinner Club that we started about 5 years ago, and I cherish the times that we're all together.

So having known Mike for as long as I have, and having shared so many experiences with him, making a cake that was "Mike" was a little challenging. He has about a billion interests: sports, music, movies, etc. Where was I to start?

I needed help.

And then it hit me.

The first time I met Mike, he was wearing a Beatles t-shirt. We had an awkward hello as our friend Katie introduced us in the doorway of that Western Civilation class. Beatles. I immediately thought, "My mom would like him".

So "Help" is what I gave Mike.

It's a chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache, covered in fondant. John, Paul, George and Ringo are cut out of fondant and placed around the cake.
Mike, I wish you the Pampiest of Birth Hams today and everyday!

Love always,
Ann :)


  1. Ann, BOTH cakes were delicious as always. Yep, I tried both, as did most of the family. It doesn't quite fit into my marathon training diet, but it was my birthday (and Easter), so I felt entitled. Both looked awesome, and the Beatles cake was a very creative idea. It got me thinking about what I'd like on a birthday cake NEXT year. Now, you know me and I'm never one to get too excited about celebrating my birthday, but 35 is a big one, right? So in keeping with the Beatles theme, I was thinking maybe a pixel-by-pixel recreation of the Sgt. Pepper album cover in 3D fondant? You might want to start now. Thanks again!

  2. As an authentic Beatlemaniac, I officially declare this cake FAB!

    Mary Jo

  3. All of your cakes are impressive Ann, but I really LOVE THIS ONE!!! How do you make that dark fondant???