Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life's a Jungle, Henry!

I feel like it's been FOREVER since my last cake. (Have you missed me?!) But just checking the blog, it looks like it's only been about 3 weeks. Regardless, making cakes for me is just like riding a bike; it's something I don't forget. :)

This particular cake has been on the schedule for quite some time (I thank you for that. Advanced planning is ALWAYS appreciated!). Henry's dad, Vinnie, a high school friend of mine, reserved this date for his son's very important 1st birthday. Vinnie and his wife, Allison, knew that they wanted a jungle themed birthday cake and they sent me a few pictures of what they had in mind. There are some VERY cute cakes out there! However, I requested a copy of their invite so that I could find some inspiration that would tie nicely into the birthday party they had planned.

Here's Henry's invitation:

And here's my translation:

The font for Henry's name is actually a new one I downloaded called, "Jungle Fever". I printed out Henry's name, cut out the letters and then traced them onto a gum paste/fondant mix.

I really like how the vines turned out. I liked the look of them on the invite and wanted to make sure that they were included in the cake. I think it adds a neat detail.

The cakes were both marble flavored cakes. The top tier was filled with a chocolate buttercream and the bottom tier was filled with vanilla buttercream.

I hope that Henry has a FANTASTIC 1st birthday!

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