Monday, July 15, 2013

Olivia Plays Soccer

I was SUPER excited to do this cake for little Abie - who's not so little anymore!  I did a cake for her 2nd birthday AND her 3rd and now her 4th!!!  She wanted an Olivia cake, and I've been told that she is a fan of Olivia the soccer player!  Luckily for me, Olivia plays soccer and there's proof of it online.  

If you don't know, Olivia is a little pig who has the tendency to wear EVERYONE out.  She's a cute character and I believe she's a star of many books and even cartoons.  My Josie gets a kick out of her.  

So here's an Olivia cake for big-girl Abie, who also plays soccer.  

I'm actually super proud of the shirt which I made out of strips of colored gumpaste.  All of Olivia is made out of gum paste.  I used edible food marker and some edible luster dust for the shading.

Here's Abie enjoying her cake.  Happy Birthday!!!!  

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