Sunday, October 24, 2010

Classy Classes

Yesterday, I had the privilege of teaching Tanner and Jamie some very basic cake decorating skills. We worked together for the afternoon and had a blast! Here's how our day went:

We first got together to go over the game plan for the day. We had A LOT to do. The goal was to make a cake for Tanner's mom, Kim, who celebrated her birthday this week. You have to know that Kim absolutely LOVES mooses. LOVES them. So we made that the basis for the cake. It had to have a moose on it in some way. Kim also enjoys banana cake. So Tanner worked on baking a two-layer banana & chocolate chip cake. He took a basic vanilla cake recipe and added banana pudding mix to it. Mmmm!

While the cakes were baking and cooling, we worked on the moose. We found a picture of a cartoony-cute moose online and printed it out to the size that we needed. Then, I taught them how to color-flow and Tanner really did a great job (which you'll see later in this post).

After the cakes were baked and cooled, I showed Tanner and Jamie how to torte and frost a cake to prepare it for fondant. We used a cream cheese icing which tastes great with banana cake.

After the cake was prepped, we worked on the fondant. We all agreed that green would be a great color choice. Working in the food coloring can be pretty exhausting!

And a great work-out too!

After the cake was wrapped safely in fondant, we worked on some techniques. I taught them a bunch of borders and even the basketweave technique!

They each got an opportunity to practice.

And then we got to present the cake to Kim - who was very happy indeed.

Here's the finished cake. Color flow usually takes anywhere from 3-5 days to dry. Here, we improvised and I really think it turned out great! What moose lover wouldn't love this cake?

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