Sunday, October 24, 2010

Princess Judy

I ran into my old debate partner, Melina, from high school last month at a local park. It was so great to see her and to catch up on life. Turns out, her daughter was turning 6 and was in desperate need of a "princess cake". I was honored to take on that task for her royal highness.

There were a lot of great princess cakes out there on the Internet so getting inspired took no time at all. Melina gave me free reign on EVERYthing, including the cake flavor and colors. She just told me that her daughter, Judy, loved the color pink and her favorite princess was Cinderella.

I knew I wanted a tiara to top the cake so I first tried to make one. I melted some white chocolate in the shape of a tiara, placed some fun candy jewels in it before it hardened and molded it around a circular can. Well, unfortunately, it crumbled. So, no go on the edible tiara.

I then went to Target and found a "Birthday Girl" tiara right around the princess section of the toy department. I was THRILLED to find that. What 6 year-old doesn't need a tiara? Come ON!! So I picked that up and made the tiara the inspiration for the color scheme of the cake.

I chose a marble cake because that flavor usually pleases everyone. I filled one with pink buttercream, the other with purple buttercream and covered each cake with fondant. The bottom tier, I covered with a pink overlay to look like cloth. The top tier had a quilted effect.

I used some white buttercream to add on "pearl" necklace borders. I also made sure that the words "Princess Judy" were on there! All of the flowers were made of fondant in complimentary colors and added at the very end.

I was able to show Judy her cake when I dropped it off. Her face lit up and she was SO excited about seeing her name on the cake. I hope she has a royally delightful party!

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