Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for Turkey Cake Pops

Last year around this time, MY cake decorating instructor, Karen, came over and provided a demonstration to me and some of my cake classmates on how to make cake pops.  One of the cake pops we made was one that looked a lot like my turkey below.

So, I was asked by Ben Franklin to do a demo on cake pops in the store on Saturday and I thought that this being Thanksgiving week, what a great cake pop to make!  And perhaps you can try these with your families this week!

So, after the cake pops are dipped in chocolate, you add two preztel legs,

 two candy eyes,

 4-5 candy corn feathers,

and an orange and red rainbow chip sprinkle. 

I LOVE how ridiculously silly they look.  I just laugh at them!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!!

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