Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Fun

As I was prepping for my Thanksgiving meal this year, I perused my Pinterest friends and found some really cute ideas for kids.  I was excited to host a Thanksgiving meal this year!  It'd been awhile since we had done it.  Danny and I started the tradition in our first year of marriage and combined both of our families for a celebratory thankful meal the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  Then Danny's family would have plans with their respective families and my family would go their separate ways, but at least we got a good meal in before all of the holiday shuffling.  Here I am with our first turkey.  I look so happy, don't I?  LOL!  Probably the stress of working in a kitchen the size of a closet.  Ah!  Memories!

Anyway, this year, I got to think about the kiddos and wanted to plan some fun finger foods for them.  I was sure that they wouldn't be fans of the brussel sprouts or the spinach gratin, but they'd surely like apples and acorns, right?  (Gotta love Pinterest!)   And this was something  my 6-year old Josie could do.  And she did.  And it was great.

We took some mini-Nilla wafers, unwrapped a package of Hershey Kisses and poured out some butterscotch baking chips and organized them in bowls.

I melted some additional melted butterscotch baking chips to use as glue to hold the Nilla Wafer to the Hershey Kiss and the baking chip to the Nilla Wafer.

The acorns looked like this when they were done.

Josie brought little packages to school for her friends and we had a nice bowl-full on our Thanksgiving Saturday to share with friends.

I also found this little Apple Turkey idea on Pinterest and it couldn't have been easier.  I just cut up some apples, put some caramel sauce in a bowl and decorated it like a little turkey.  Josie helped with this too!

The kids loved it!

And here was the table-scape.  We ended up doing a buffet-style meal, so the plates were stored in the kitchen.  When the candles were lit and the lighting was dimmed down low, it really felt cozy in here.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I wish you a very fulfilling, happy and safe holiday!!

The Cake Mama

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