Friday, August 22, 2014

Bre's Sporty Cake

So what kind of cake does one make for a 13-year old young lady who is incredibly athletic and in to all sports?  A cake that represents a few of her passions, that's what!  Bre chose two of her favorite sports (basketball and volleyball) and asked me to make a basketball and volleyball out of cake and then stack them into a cake.  Sounds interesting?

Here's the basketball.  Getting that "orange" color was a bit of a challenge.  For those of you interested, to get a basketball orange, it's a combination of orange, red, brown and copper.  I couldn't even begin to tell you how much of each because it took about 20 minutes to get this color.  But now you know where to start!

Because you couldn't really see all of the basketball's lines after it was stacked, I'm happy I took a quick shot of it before it was gone.  This tier was a chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling.  The frosting was very much like a cookies 'n cream flavor.  It was divine!

I made the volleyball cake and stacked it on top of the basketball cake.  The top tier was a vanilla bean cake with cookie dough filling - Bre's invention!  I accented the top of the cake with gum paste/fondant bow in Bre's school colors.  It added a little bit of girly flair that I think she really enjoyed!


Happy Birthday, Bre!!  I hope that 13 is your best year yet!!!

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