Monday, February 23, 2015

Josie's Oscar Party For Kids

My daughter Josie had a great time planning for her Oscar's party.  She looks forward to the Academy Awards almost as much (maybe even more) than Danny and I.  This year, she wanted to do it up right.

She found a box that she wanted to make into an Oscar that people could pose in.  We though this idea was brilliant!  Her Grandma and Grandpa and Danny helped her make it and it turned out beautifully, don't you think?  

One of her activities was to be a fashion show, where kids could use dress-up toys and walk down the red carpet.  She would be the judge,  mind you.

Don't worry though - everyone was a winner!  She made sure she had certificates for each of the kids.

She used some styrofoam to make a cute popcorn banner.  (Seriously, she's so adorable, it kind of hurts a little.)

Craft time!  The kids could color their own Oscar!

And yes, she'd like to be informed if any of the movies that she's heard about won.


We couldn't be any more proud of our little party planner!

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