Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Valentine's Day Treats

My girls absolutely love to help me in the kitchen.  It's one of their favorite things to do. Unfortunately for them, when I'm working on something for a client, they are not allowed near the kitchen for obvious reasons.  So when I'm baking for us (again, unfortunately for them is not as often as they would like), and they're invited in to help, it's like there is a party with rainbows and unicorns and the girls jump for joy!  Aprons on, clean hands and they're rarin' to go!

My husband's favorite dessert is cut-out cookies and the girls like to decorate those, so made up a batch and let them have it.  

(As an aside, my mom used to do this too.  And I followed her lead in making up one batch of cookies, [because we all know cut-out cookies are such a mess!!!] but using the next several holidays' cutters too.  I already have St. Patty's day and Easter done and unfrosted in the freezer.  So, thanks, Mom, for that life hack!)

After a red, pink, white and blue (Maren's favorite color) were mixed up, we began the decorating process.  

Someone's having fun!

I just love 'em.  [The cookie's are good too!] And nothing beats that time in the kitchen with my girls.  

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