Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drop and give him 20...

A referred client contacted me to do her son's 1st birthday cake. She said that she didn't know exactly when it started, but they began to call their son, Jacob, "Captain". It was a nickname that stuck and she wanted to incorporate that theme into his birthday party and cake.

The invitation she sent out had a camouflage background with orange lettering and the most adorable picture of their son doing a push-up. SUPER cutie-pie!! She was going with an "Army"-type feel for the party so she wanted a camouflage cake made out of fondant with orange accents. I said I could do it without having ANY clue how to make camouflage fondant. (It's agreeing to stuff like this that either makes me totally awesome, or incredibly stupid. LOL!)

So I did some research on "camouflage cakes" and "army cakes" online and the majority of them were made out of buttercream frosting. Honestly, that would totally be the easier thing to do. But I came across a blog where the baker made camouflage fondant toppers for cupcakes. I could do the same thing on a much larger scale, however. This made sense to me.

So I made 4 different shades of fondant to match the greens, brown and black of the camo she used in the invitation. I rolled them into balls, and other shapes and pushed them close together on my rolling sheet. I prayed to all of my ancestors, the saints of the kitchen and anyone who would listen because I only had ONE shot at it. Once the fondant was rolled and stuck together, I would NOT be able to roll it again. I'd have to start over completely.

Luckily for me, it worked the first time! And I think it turned out great!

I made stars around the sides of the cake that were based on the Army star. I substituted the gold color for the orange and I rolled up little balls of fondant for the border.

Last, I made a cupcake for "The Captain's" smash cake and utilized some of the left-over fondant to make a cupcake topper for him.

I hope that his party is awesome and thank his mom for putting me through this "basic training." Happy 1st Birthday, Captain Jacob!

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