Thursday, November 25, 2010

What is a group of turkeys called?

On Sunday, I had SUCH a nice time catching up with my cake decorating classmates/friends and our fabulous instructor, Karen (who's taught me SO much!!!). We decided to get together and also learn a new trick. I "officially" know the color flow method and we had so much fun learning together.

So that I could practice what I learned, the very next day I whipped up another batch of color flow icing and decided to do placecards for our Thanksgiving meal. I made little turkey cut-out cookies and had such a fun time decorating them.

And here's the RAFTER of turkeys...

After they dried I wrote our names on the turkeys...

...and here's what they looked like on the table at my parents' house.

Josie didn't even wait until dessert before she started to dig in. That's my girl!!!

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