Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's Up Don?

This was the most interesting order I've received to date. I was getting my hair done and was talking to Lorraine (see Carly's Cake) about a carrot cake I was going to make for another client (see Meow!) when another woman approached me and asked me to make one for her husband. Just like that. She didn't know who I was but heard "delicious carrot cake" and that's all it took. I do say that my carrot cake recipe is DELISH! I use one FULL POUND of organic carrots per recipe. Mmmm! And don't even get me started on the cream cheese frosting!

Well, her husband's name was Don and the only thing she wanted on the cake was "Happy Birthday Don!" The rest of the decorating was up to me. So I went ALL out!

I did the basketweave on the side and included a ring of carrots as a border.

This cake weighed a TON with all of the carroty goodness and frosting! I hope Don had a happy birthday and enjoyed the deliciousness of the cake. :)

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