Friday, February 11, 2011

Adrienne's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Mickey and I go way back. Back to 1998. That was the summer that I had the privilege (or so they tell me) of working at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Oh what a job I had. Custodial Hostess was the fancy name they gave me. I can, without a doubt, tell you that Walt Disney World is the cleanest place on the planet. Seriously. At least, when I worked there it was. :)

Thinking about that time, I remember all of the "guest" questions I'd receive. The most common one was, "When is the 3:00 parade?" You'd think that'd be a pretty straightforward answer, but you'd be surprised. The correct answer is, "Where are you going to be watching the parade?" See? See how tricky that is? The true Disney fans will tell you that the 3:00 parade starts at Main Street and ends in Frontierland. Where you're standing will depict the time of the parade for you. You probably learned something here. Right? I bet you did.

I also got the opportunity to create a few hidden Mickeys. It's a rare opportunity, as the majority of the hidden Mickeys are created by the Imagineers. But I got to create one in the old Pirates ride and also the Haunted Mansion. Here's a group of us post-hidden Mickey creation. (I'm standing directly left of the chair. Me and my awesome Custodial Hostess costume.)

That's pretty neat, but, where am I going with this? Ah, I was asked to do another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake. I just love Disney and was honored to make my friends' daughter's 2nd birthday cake. She's quite the fan! There are 3 Mickeys on the cake. See if you can find them. :)

And here are the bonus shots. One of Adrienne's first reaction to the cake. Seriously, could it get any cuter than this?

And here's an inside peek into the top tier of the cake. Marble with buttercream filling. Bottom tier was vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling (thanks for sharing these with me, Adrienne's parents!).

It certainly looks like Adrienne had the most magical 2nd birthday EVER! I'm so happy I got to be a part of her special day. ;)


  1. I happen to be one of Adrienne's Aunts(Paul's sister) andthecakeyou made for her second birthday tasted very good.

  2. Wonderful cake! Mickey never fails to make kids parties extra special!

  3. Dear Ann (aka The Cake Mama),

    Thank you so much for making Adrienne's birthday cake. It added a very special touch to her party.

    For weeks before her birthday, we talked about her "Mickey Mouse birthday cake" - there was much anticipation. You did NOT disappoint! Her face was priceless when she saw the cake!

    It was almost too cute to cut into but we had an angry mob to feed, so we had to slice into it. It was yummy!

    Since then, Adrienne has played with the clubhouse and figurines daily.

    Thank you for all of your hard work. You are so talented!

    Your faithful cake eaters,
    Paul, Tara and Adrienne