Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My family celebrated my Dad's birthday last night, a few days early. My mom requested that I bake the cake for him a few months ago. When asked about flavors or designs, my mom hadn't a clue. So I thought and thought and thought. I was thinking maybe something golf themed as my Dad likes to golf. But what to do? Then, I thought about something bike themed...but what?

Then, I thought about my Dad. He's a pretty traditional guy. Probably not the biggest fondant fan. He would probably like a classic cake. You know, vanilla with chocolate buttercream. Classic.

Yeah. I can't just do classic, not when I'm given the freedom to "do what I want". If I'M asked to make a cake, I'm MAKING a CAKE. So, a cake decorating friend of mine, Keith, forwarded an awesome website to me that features some pretty untraditional cakes (you'll see what I'm talking about in a second). "Everyday with Rachel Ray" magazine also featured a similar cake in the last year. I just had to try.

From the outside, it looks okay, right? It's a vanilla sponge cake with chocolate mousse filling/frosting. I decorated the outside with pretty...ahem...masculine and classic...cookies.

My Dad was pleased, and then I CUT the cake. Hee hee hee!

His reaction was worth it! He actually sat back and asked, "How did you DO that?"


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Your Favorite Daughter


  1. that looks awesome. Can I expect to enjoy something like that at the academy awards party?


  2. This cake was so beautiful and SO delicious. It registers very high in my favorites!

    Love, Mom