Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steve's Cake (and making lemonade)

Making Steve's chocolate lover's cake was actually a pretty simple endeavor, or so I thought. Pumping out these cakes nowadays seems second nature to me, or so I thought. (...are you getting the totally obvious foreshadowing here?!) So I'm sure you can imagine my surprise, not to mention the total blow to my ego when I created THIS cake wreck.

What makes this even funnier is that my friend (THANKfully, she's a GREAT friend of mine), was coming, that very instant, to PICK UP THE CAKE!!! There's NO way I'd send this cake home with ANYone. Despite the deliciousness of the cake, it looks TERRIBLE! (Well, the caramel oozing out of it looks kind of good, actually. The chocolate ganache, looks kind of tasty too...but I digress.) The cake literally melted. Whenever I've made this cake in the past, I've used a frozen cake, which has held up well. This one was baked that day and was too moist for the fillings at the time. I'm considering it a hilarious, not to mention delicious, learning experience.

I'm sure you're curious about what I did with the cake and I'm happy to report it will soon turn into cake pops. That'll be for another post, later this month. Stay tuned.

So, after starting over and delaying my friend's pick-up time, I was able to pop out this one.

It's a simple cake, but I'm pleased with its appearance. It turned out MUCH better than the first one.

Happy Birthday, Steve! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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