Friday, March 18, 2011

Katie + Mike's Festival du LOVE

Nothing brings me more joy than to make a cake for a dear friend. Katie was one of the first people I met when I moved from Neenah to Hartland. I met her on the bus the first day of school freshmen year. I liked her immediately and there began our friendship, through thick and thin. :)
I was so excited to get an invite in the mail for Katie's bridal shower. It was BEAUtiful! I loved the colors, I loved the butterflies, super cute! I actually thought about the kind of cake I'd make for her, if I was asked...hoping that I would be! And sure enough! I got the email requesting a Cake Mama cake for the event. We met for lunch a few days later and I told her all about the kind of cake I'd make, but the only thing I told her about the design is that it would be based off of the invitation.

And here's the sample invitation (from of which I would base Katie's cake:

I wanted to incorporate the butterfly, the word "LOVE" and all of the colors and textures. I loved the harlequin design on the back of the invite and the yellow striping on the front. I loved it all! So here's the cake I designed for Katie:

The bottom tier is a strawberry spiral cake. The top two tiers are gluten-free chocolate cakes with vanilla bean frosting. The top tier is designed to be a take-home cake for Mike and Katie to share together.

Happy shower day, Katie!! Love to you and Mike!

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  1. Dear Ann,

    Thank you so much for being such a special friend to Katie and for using your cake making talents to make her day so wonderful! You're the best AND we'll be using your talents again!

    All the best,