Sunday, April 15, 2012

Captain America

My wonderful husband is a real fan of Captain America. Always has been. His favorite super hero indeed. So, when he requested a Captain America cake for his birthday, I was ready to roll. That is, until he came across a picture of Captain America cake pops that he wanted instead. I was all for it!

Cake pops are not hard to make, but they ARE time consuming. There are a lot of steps involved in making them and in making them well. I always forget about this. But when the finished product is in front of me, I'm always pleased - and they are a fan favorite!

I took some chocolate and vanilla cakes and mixed them together with a smidge of frosting until they were able to stick together for me to form them into balls. I refrigerated them for a few minutes and began to melt the red melting candy. When that was ready to roll, I dipped each of the sticks into a little bit of the melted candy and inserted them into the cake balls. Back into the refrigerator until I was ready for dipping.

Later, I let the cake pops sit out at room temperature while I got the candy melted again. I found that when I dip the pops cold, the candy tends to crack. They need to be chilled, not cold. So, I dipped each one into the melted candy and let them set up for a few minutes.

Later in the day, I began decorating. I used a gum paste/fondant mix for the white and blue decor and I attached everything using some more of the melted candy.

Then, I wrapped each one in a cellophane bag and tied them with some ribbon.

This was the box of goodies that Danny brought in to share with his team at work.

And these were what we had for his birthday celebration after work.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! I hope you had a great day!

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