Sunday, April 15, 2012

Curious Will...I mean George!

My friend Kate requested a cake for her son's 2nd birthday. She was going with a Curious George theme for him and his birthday party. I hadn't done a Curious George cake before and I couldn't wait to get started!

We decided on a 10-inch chocolate cake with a Curious George face on top. She also wanted some cupcakes to accomodate the many guests she was hosting. So, I suggested banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting. You know, because monkeys like bananas. I would top each cupcake with a little yellow hat.

Here's how the cake turned out. I made George out of a gum paste/fondant blend.

Here are the cupcakes with the yellow hats which are made out of gum paste and colored with edible black food marker.

Here's the cake and cupcakes at their final destination.

I know it's not cake-related, but these are the party favors for the kids. Too cute not to share!

And here's the birthday boy! What a cutie!

Happy Birthday, Will! I hope you had a fantastic day! Thanks for having me be a part of it!


  1. Ann thanks for making an amazing cake for Will's party. Not only were the decorations great - it tasted awesome. Great job and thanks again!

    - Nic

  2. The cake was SOOO great!! Everyone loved it! The banana cupcakes were yummy!! You are beyond talented!!