Saturday, April 7, 2012


Caution. You've been warned.

Eric contacted me to do his wife's 30th birthday cake. I never know what order will come next or what a client will request, but this one was...unique. Dalia loves monkeys and zombies. So Eric thought it would be awesome to make a Zombie Monkey cake. If you've ever done a Google Image search for "zombie cakes" you would be blown away by the gruesome things you will find. So I was ecstatic that Eric wanted a more "cute" zombie monkey to top Dalia's cake. Here's the inspiration:

Eric also thought it would be cool to have blood spatters and intestines on the sides of the cake. After doing my research, however, I found all of the pictures of intestines to be...well...unappetizing. So instead, I recommended making little brains (zombies eat brains afterall) for the cake border. Here's the picture I sent to Eric and we thought it to be a good compromise.

So here's the final cake. A gum paste Zombie Monkey front and center. Gum paste brains on the four corners. Strawberry preserves dripping down the sides. The cake itself was a chocolate cake with chocolate Kahlua filling and buttercream frosting.

Dalia - I hope you have a VERY wonderful birthday! Eric - thanks for the challenge (and the giggles).

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  1. hey ann-

    great to meet you! just wanted to say thanks so much for rollin' with my crazy idea. turned out awesome, and i'm sure she's gonna flip out! i dig it, and we'll be sure to hand out plenty of those business cards and let everyone know we got it from you!

    - eric