Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Pirate Cake Fer Connor

A little over two weeks after my daughter turned five, my nephew turned five as well.  These two cousins have gone through everything together and it's so perfect that we live just down the street from one another.  After Josie's big princess/villains party a few weeks ago, I knew I had to get one more party under my belt before the month of June was over.  Connor was having a PIRATE party and I wanted to make sure that his cake was a cool, piratey kind of cake.  

After looking at what seemed like thousands of cake images online, I really couldn't find one that I loved enough to duplicate.  So I took some ideas from here and there and came up with my very own design.  Connor's only request was that it had the pirate skull on it.  I made sure that there were FIVE on there.  Can you find them all?

At Josie's party, Connor came dressed up as a pirate.  Fortunately we got a great picture of him at the party and I included it/him on his cake.  Awesome, eh?!  Arrrrr!  The treaure here is a candle I ordered from  I thought it was perfect for the occasion!

I also wanted to incorporate a treasure map or an "X" marks the spot motif which you can see below.  The cake itself is a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting.  The ship is made out of rice krispie treats and covered in modeling chocolate.  (Special thanks to the hubby for molding it for me.)  I used paper and skewers for the ship's masts, but everything else on the ship is edible.  

And here's the birthday boy...I mean, the birthday PIRATE!   

Happy 5th Birthday to you, Connor!  Auntie Ann loves you very much!

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