Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding [Sheet] Cake

Carmelina and I met when I worked as a Cake Decorating Instructor at Michael's.  She is a great cake decorator and was getting married and wanted to do her own wedding cake.  But she had quite a crowd to feed and needed additional cake and asked me to make some sheet cakes as supplemental cake for her guests.  I was happy to oblige.  Many of you know that I "retired" from doing weddings, but cupcakes or sheet cakes or a small two-tiered cake I can handle.  Big ones, not so much.  So this order was just my style. 

Carmelina and her beau, Garth, requested white cakes with raspberry buttercream filling.  So each one of these cakes is two-layers with a delicious raspberry buttercream filling inside.  Simply decorated as no one will see them!  LOVE this!  (Also, I used 60 egg-whites here...SIXTY!!!)

The only challenge I had with all of the cakes was storage, but my 'fridge turned out to be the hero.  It's very versatile and I held out on grocery shopping for a couple of days to ensure the room! 

I hope that Carmelina and Garth had a fantastic wedding (the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!)!  I wish them the very best!  Congrats!

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  1. Cake Mama,

    Thanks so much for your amazing cakes! We had a lot of compliments on the unique taste of the cakes. We are enjoying one slice a month for the first year and it is still tasty! Thank you again!

    Carmelina & Garth