Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ninety-Two Birthdays! Ninety-Two Cakes!

My plan was always to make my Grandma's birthday cake this year.  The original idea was that she was going to come down to my parents' house and we would celebrate her birthday with her.  But, when an unfortunate injury kept her from traveling to see us, I knew it wasn't in the cards that I'd see her for her birthday.  Disappointment followed, but I knew I'd see her sometime this summer and she'd get her cake then.

That is, until my mom came over yesterday morning and told me that she was planning a trip up north to see noon.  What?!  I have to make her cake!  Shoot.  I have another order due.  But I HAVE to make Grandma's cake!

My mom headed off to work and I knew I had 4 hours to get this done so the cake would make the trip.  Mission Impossible?  Why yes...but Mission Accepted.

First things first...I had to work on the flowers.  I made two chocolate cakes and placed them in the oven for Ali's birthday (see next post) and while they were baking, I made most of the flowers for Grandma's cake.   My Grandma's favorite cake is Angel Food with 7-Minute frosting, and yes, I had to make them from scratch which meant another trip to the grocery store (I didn't have an extra 12 egg whites lying around...).  After the grocery store, I picked up my eldest daughter from summer school and I returned home to bake.  I had about 90 minutes left.  The cake took 50 minutes.  The frosting took 12 minutes.  I totally made it work!  My mom fortunately gave me an extra hour because she had to run errands, and I'm so happy she did.  I think this is one of the happiest cakes I've ever seen!  

Grandma, Happy Birthday to you!  I hope you had a great party and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

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