Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sheila's Leopard Print Bow Cake

Erin asked me to do a cake for her mom's birthday.  Sheila always likes carrot cake, and I have to admit that mine is absolutely delicious!  Cream cheese frosting is delightfully creamy on top and you have a little slice of heaven at your fingertips.  

Anyway, you may recall that I previously did a cake for her where I covered the cake in a leopard print fondant.  I wanted to carry on that theme and instead did a leopard print bow.  Never seen one of these before.  

To make the bow, I created the fondant/gum paste base color; kind of like a tan/beige.  I cut all of my pieces and formed them and let them dry overnight.  Then I hand-painted the leopard print on each one of the bow loops and on the ribbon on the cake.  I used an orange and black, diluted with vanilla extract.  

I love the way it turned out!  And Sheila, I hope you had a VERY happy birthday!!!

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