Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tanner's 18!!!

So, late last month, my godson turned 18.  EIGHTEEN!!!!  I still remember holding him for the first time.   And decorating pumpkins when he was about 3 or so (as seen below).  I simply cannot believe how fast time flies and what an amazing young man he's become.  

Tanner's mom, Kim, and I went to grade school and Jr. High together.  We've known each other MOST of our lives.  When I moved from my hometown right before high school, Kim did an amazing job of keeping the lines of communication open between us.  We continued our friendship and visited each other throughout those years.    We kept in contact through college and still see each other pretty regularly to this day.  To be a part of her life and to play such a humbling role in Tanner's life has been a real honor.  

(Tanner (posing with his cake) and I are giving the 'ol stink-eye to Kim who's having a hard time using my camera.  The cake is REALLY heavy...)

What a handsome young man!

As graduation approaches, Tanner is planning his college days.  He plans to go into photography and has a really impressive "eye" for it.  His photography is really something!

I was absolutely honored to do this cake for him.  He asked for a pretty simple design.  White buttercream with confetti going down one side.  I used candy-covered chocolate chips, because - YUM!

The top tier is Tanner's favorite; banana cake with banana cream filling.  The bottom tier is a real crowd pleaser; chocolate cake, chocolate fudge and Oreo buttercream filling.  When I said the cake was heavy, I wasn't kidding!!

I had such a wonderful time at Tanner's party, meeting his friends and seeing/visiting with his family.  I even got to see a few more of my grade-school friends as well.  It's always nice to catch up!

To Tanner - I wish you the very best year yet.  SO many adventures are right in front of you.  The sky's the limit, Buddy!  I can't wait to see what you do next!


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