Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Only For Greg

So, my friend Greg posted this picture on my Facebook page with a caption that said, "If you are really my friend, you'd make these for me.  I know that they aren't cakes but you are the best baker that I know."  After having a good giggle, I was able to locate this picture on Pinterest and the link to the recipe is here.  It's a super simple recipe and all you need on hand are 24 Oreos, 1/2 cup of peanut butter and some brownie mix.  It certainly looked good enough to try.  

I had a book club coming up and his wife, my good friend Mari, would be attending.  I promised him that I would make them for the book club and send some home with Mari for him to try.    And that's just what I did.  These took barely any time to assemble and bake and they turned out just like the picture!  My only suggestion is to pour the brownie batter into a ziploc bag or pastry bag and cut a hole at the bottom.  That's what I did to get the brownie batter evenly spread around the Oreo.  Using a spoon was super messy and difficult.  Here's how mine turned out:

Greg told me that they were very good, but he wished he had a cold glass of milk at the ready.  Note to self...

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