Friday, March 1, 2013

The Venerable Steve

How lucky am I?  My friend Erin ordered a cake for her husband, Steve's birthday.  She leaves it up to me to come up with ideas, but she surely wanted something "simple".  I've been dying to make Martha Stewart's Chocolate Flecked Cake and asked her if this would be something Steve would want.  I know he's a chocolate lover, but would this be ENOUGH chocolate?  I got the green light and then she asked me to make a Nutella Frosting for the cake.  I thought the combination sounded amazing, but would it taste as good as I thought?!!!

Here's what the cake looked like on the inside.  It was SO moist and beautifully chocolately!

The frosting turned out really creamy as well.  GREAT hazelnut flavor for all of you hazelnut lovers out there!

Now, to decorate the cake.  Erin said she wanted something simple.  I took a look at the decorating tips I had and I pulled out number 21.  And then I just had fun!

Zig-Zag.  Zig-Zag!

A fun, yet simple cake for Steve.

And, by the way, the cake tasted delicious!!!  I mean, the scraps did. You can even ask my husband who said this was his favorite cake combination yet! ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!!!  I hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoy more celebration today!

                   Photo: Ann's cake was delish!

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