Saturday, June 8, 2013

Claire Bear, Claire Bear...What do you see?

This is my 200th post!!  TWO HUNDRED!!!!!  Woo hoo!

Okay, now on to the fun stuff.  ;)

Cathy ordered a cake and cake pops for her daughter's first birthday celebration.  She's from out-of-state, but they were going to be celebrating this special occasion with family and friends in town.  I love it when it works out like that!

Cathy wanted an Eric Carle themed birthday for Claire.  And she thought a "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?" would be a fun theme because they call their little Claire, "Claire Bear."  How CUTE?!!!

So, for the cake pops she wanted a fun selection of "Eric Carle colors".  Yeah.  I had fun with these!  Aren't they beautiful?!!  Half of them are yellow cake and the other half are chocolate.  Mmmmm!!!!

And for Claire's cake, it was a yellow cake with the most delicious boiled buttercream.   Not too sweet, but smooth as butter - perfect for a first birthday taste!  

The side of the cake has some fun colorful fondant circles and the words "Claire Bear, Claire Bear."    The cake board has the words, "What do you see?"

The brown bear was made out of fondant and gum paste.  I swirled in some fun colors to give him the "Eric Carle" look.

Super fun and super happy.  The perfect cake and cake pops for such a special occasion!  Happy FIRST  Birthday, Claire Bear!!!!


  1. I picked these treats up for Cathy as a new resident to Oconomowoc! They look beautiful and tasted delicious! Moist and oh so good! I was very impressed and will be calling for my children's cake needs! Thank you!! What a treasure to find you!