Thursday, August 29, 2013

GeoCaking, I mean GeoCACHING Fun!

Jessica and I go way back to Camp Whitcomb/Mason.  She was my supervisor there (Boris) when I was Walleye many moons ago.  She's always been into the outdoor activities and I was so excited that I got to make a birthday cake for her son, Elijah's 9th birthday.  He was going to be celebrating by going on a geocaching adventure.  Check out to find out more about it or to get involved.  Think of it as finding buried treasure.  All.Over.The.World.  SUPER fun!

So, you see the logo above?  I wanted to re-create that to top Elijah's cake.

I placed the N, E, W, S for a compass...because you'll need one or a GPS to find the treasures.   And then, along the side of the cake, I made a path with an "X" marks the spot.  

 The little geocaching guy is holding a 9.  You know, Elijah's now 9.  :)

And here's the birthday boy.  About to dig in to his chocolate cake with Oreos and fudge and buttercream filling.

I got news that they found the treasure they were looking for!  Congrats to his mighty crew!  What a fun birthday idea!  Happy Birthday, Elijah!!!

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