Monday, September 23, 2013

Hoot! Kalli's Twooooo!

Kalli turned two this last week and her mom Angie, ordered a Cake Mama cake for the special occasion. Angie wanted the cake to coordinate with the invites, but left the design up to me.   Aren't these invites the cutest?

I opted to make the top owl on the invite for the cake and I tried my best to color match the frosting.

A fun challenge on this cake was creating the gingham look on the owl.  I used Wilton's food spray and prayed for the best.  Lucky for me, I think she turned out cute!

I used the same gingham pink to top the cupcakes and topped each with either a K for Kalli or a 2.

Angie sent over these pictures of the cake at the party.  Phew!  I think the color match was right-on!!


Happiest of birthdays to you, dear Kalli!  

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