Monday, November 18, 2013

Vanilla, Vanilla, Vanilla!

Here's what I know about Kristi.  She LOVES vanilla cake.  And she's very particular about the creaminess of vanilla frosting; it can't have any grit.  And it has to be very vanilla-y.

Challenge accepted.

Erin, Kristi's sister and one of my very best friends, ordered a cake for her sister's 30th birthday.  Her sister wanted a tiered cake because turning 30 was a pretty big deal.  I agree.  Tiered cakes are a GREAT way to celebrate a milestone.  ;)

Erin forwarded a picture of a cake she found on Pinterest and wanted something with chevron on the cake.  And it had to be pastel colors.  Sounds great!

So, the top tier of this cake is Kristi's vanilla cake.  I used two whole vanilla beans between the cake and the frosting.  And the frosting is a boiled icing recipe that I've grown to absolutely love.  It's 100% delicious and creamy like you wouldn't believe.  It's also unbelievably light, so paired with the cake, the combination became quite delicate.

The bottom tier of the cake was for the chocolate lovers in the family.  It's my chocolate cake, fudge and Oreo filling, also topped with the amazingly creamy and amazingly vanilla buttercream frosting.

Here's the birthday girl!


Here's that vanilla cake.  If you look closely enough, you can see all of the flecks of the vanilla beans.  Mmmmm!!!

Happiest of birthdays to you, Kristi!  I'm so happy you had such a great celebration!

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  1. Ann,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and for making Kristi's cake so special! It was absolutely delicious!!! You're the best!!!!!