Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gingerbread Stage Coach - Yee Haw!

It all started when my husband's coworker, Jon, brought him a picture of a personalized gingerbread train.   He wrote on the side something like, "Stagecoach?"  To most people, that relationship wouldn't make sense, but both men work at Wells Fargo, kind of known for the whole stagecoach thing.

Anywho, my husband showed me the picture and I said, "I'll do that.  But!  YOU have come up with the template.  I'll make the dough, I'll bake it and decorate it, but you have to do the design work."  And that's how this started.

When I asked people to guess what this was on my Facebook page, I thought for sure I'd hear hedgehogs or something.  Nope.  People did guess turtles, nativity scene, oven mitts and salmon-flavored bagel cake.

On this one, a few guessed correctly, but I was excited to see Santa sleigh!  That's a cool idea!!

Here's the finished product.  All assembled and ready to go.  I used large marshmallows to cushion the stagecoach and level it out a bit.  I frosted some sugar cones to make trees (learned that one from my daughter's first grade teacher).

I added some candy and my own baked goods to the tray.

And Jon (center) approves.  Thanks for the idea, Jon!

I hope everyone enjoys their treats and has a very Merry Christmas!  

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