Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tanner!

My godson Tanner's invite came in the mail.  Lots of gold.  Lots of class.  Then he sent over some pictures of cakes that he'd like for the occasion.  Again, gold painted fondant with a lot of sophistication and two tiers.  I was game.  

Tanner gave me freedom to do something new for the cake flavors and I took advantage of that to try something I'd been wanting to try for a while.  S'Mores cake.  I took a chocolate cake and topped the first layer with chocolate fudge filling and graham crackers, then I stacked some more cake and topped that with marshmallow fluff, and then I did another with fudge and graham crackers.  I couldn't wait to see and taste how it would turn out.  


The top tier of the cake was chocolate flecked cake with buttercream filling.  It's such a crowd pleaser! But Tanner's favorite cake flavor is banana, so I threw in some banana cake pops, all decorated for this fancy party.

Here's how they both turned out.  I used a gold edible food spray to spray "paint" the fondant on the cakes.  I added some edible food glitter to sparkle it up a little.


And here's the birthday boy!

 Gold candles look great on the cake!

Happy Birthday, Tanner!  And thanks so much for letting me explore a fun new flavor!  Doesn't that look delicious?!!!


Best wishes for another GREAT year, Tanner!  With even more exciting new things on the horizon, I can't imagine anything less!


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