Friday, December 20, 2013

Mrs. D's 49th Birthday Celebration!

Today was a very special celebration day.  Josie's teacher would be hitting a milestone over Christmas break, so they decided to celebrate her birthday today, the last day of school for the year.   I was super happy to make cupcakes to commemorate the special day.  Mrs. D could distribute these to whomever she chose (the kids got another special treat today...more on that later).

So here were her cupcakes.  Chocolate cupcakes filled and topped with vanilla buttercream and topped with fondant/gum paste decorations.  

Mrs. S ordered 50 balloons.  There are 10 kids in Josie's class, so each kid was able to deliver a bouquet of 5 balloons to Mrs. D this morning and wish her a happy birthday.   As the kids waited for the balloons to arrive, they read through the book they made for her.  This is the first time they got to see it all done.

Balloons arrived!!!

One at a time, they headed into the classroom.  

Here's Mrs. D with her already growing grouping of balloons.  

"Happy Birthday!!" 

What a fun morning!  And what a great way to start the day!!!

I think she loved her book.  :)

A very Happy Birthday to you, Mrs. D!!!  We hope you have a wonderful celebration over Christmas break!!!

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