Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lightning McQueen and Mater Cake

Tanner wanted a Cars cake for his 4th birthday that featured Lightning McQueen and Mater.  What fun!  This cake is a chocolate cake with Oreos and fudge and buttercream filling.  I decorated the side of the cake with a mountain-esque landscape and the top is decorated like the end of a long, long race.  Mater right by Lightning McQueen's side.  I found both in the toy aisle and Target and thought they were perfect!

I used some candy from our local candy store, Sweet Dreams, that looks like rocks, or in this case, boulders.  They are actually chocolate flavored candies and I think they add a really neat detail to the landscape.  

I was also asked to make a dozen cake pops and theme them to the Cars theme.  I made some red and some black and topped them with gum paste "Route 66" signs and the others were street signs with a #4 or the letter T on it.  You know, Tanner's turning 4!!  :)

Here's what the two look like together.

I hope that Tanner had an excellent birthday party!!

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