Monday, March 24, 2014

What Does the Fox Say? CAKE!!!!

Josie and her friends from school participated in a talent show last week.  They danced to the song, "What Does the Fox Say?" and dressed up like various animals from the song.  They did a FANTASTIC job and had a great time bonding as a team as a result.  I hosted the girls on Thursday after school for some practice and a fun play date and dinner.  (You wouldn't even believe the noise produced from eight 1st grade girls.  I had no idea.  Mind numbing.  Seriously. )  

For dessert, I served up this "foxy" cake.    The bonus?  Look at the last picture!  

RAINBOW!!!!!!!  The girls just "ooh-ed" and "ah-ed".  They are all so cute!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the song, here's the video clip.  Warning - it's catchy and has the tendency to stay in your head ALL day.  

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