Monday, March 31, 2014

Howdy, Cowboys Myles and Grayson!

My friend Louise requested cakes for her twin nephews' 2nd birthday.  What a special occasion and fun time to celebrate!  From what I understand, both of her nephews, Myles and Grayson, are acting appropriately for their 2 year-old age, if you know what I mean.  But let's not call them "terrible."  Let's call them adorable and for the day, little cowboys.

Louise's sister-in-law wanted two cowboy-themed cakes for the boys' party.  She sent over some pictures of two-tiered cakes that carried on a cowboy theme, but she really wanted two separate cakes; one for each of her sons.  Grayson's should have some blue on it and Myles' should have green incorporated somehow.  

Both of the cakes were vanilla cakes.  One was filled with vanilla buttercream and the other was filled with a delicious Bavarian cream.  YUM!!!!!

For Grayson's cake, I thought a blue paisley would be super cute as the backdrop of his cake.  I made little cowboy boots out of gum paste to top the cake.  All of the paisley was piped with buttercream.  

For Myles' cake, I decorated the cake with a cow-print and topped it with a rice-krispie and fondant hat with a gum paste rope.  I included the green on the hat and in his name.

I think the two are so cute together.  

And by "the two", I mean the boys.  Look at how cute they are!!!

I hope they had a fantastic birthday!  It sure looks like they brought in "the [awesome] twos" with lots of style!  

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