Monday, October 27, 2014

Aaliyah's Design

Aaliyah was so excited to show me the cake that she wanted me to make for her birthday.  She sketched out her design on this paper and was very specific about how she wanted her cake to look.  Isn't she so talented?

She loves to play basketball and volleyball, her favorite colors are orange and purple and she absolutely loves moustaches.   (You read that right.)  It's kind of "her thing."  LOL!

Aaliyah wanted a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting on the inside.  And not just any chocolate frosting, she wanted mini-chocolate chips to be mixed IN with the frosting (indicated in her picture above - all of the dots...).  Here's a picture of that creamy frosting with chocolate chips.  

The end result can be seen here.  Orange and purple are very present, so is the basketball, volleyball and moustache.  She added balloons and so did I.

It was a fun cake to deliver.  I love seeing the look on their faces.  And this was even more special because it was HER design.  

Happy Birthday, Aaliyah!  

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