Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkins for Amy

Sofia walked over to my house with her dad and placed an order with the Cake Mama for her mom's [Amy's] birthday.  Shh!  This was going to be a surprise!  Sofia wanted a dozen cake pops, but they had to look like pumpkins.  AND!  She wanted "medium-sized" pumpkins for the top of the cake she was going to make for her mom.  I had to clarify what size "medium" was and Sofia held up her hands made a circle, "yay" big.  Got it.  

Sofia said the her mom's favorite cake was a funfetti cake, so that's what I made the cake pops out of.  I rolled them in orange chocolate, covered them in orange sprinkles and used a little green Tic Tac for the stem.

Here are the cake pops and the medium sized pumpkins for the top of Amy's cake.  I made these pumpkins out of Rice Krispie treats and rolled them orange chocolate.  They, too, got the Tic Tac stem. 

Happiest of birthdays to you, Amy!  I hope you were surprised!  

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