Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Teresa's Birthday Treat

My sister-in-law was celebrating her birthday and I thought I'd whip up a nice treat for her.  I seem to recall that chocolate cake was among her favorites, and her mother used to make a really wonderful peanut butter frosting; a recipe she shared with me.  

Because it would just be my sister-in-law and my brother celebrating her birthday that night, I made two six-inch cakes and filled them with chocolate frosting and peanut butter frosting and the covered the whole cake with more chocolate frosting.  I made some vanilla buttercream as well and added some ruffles and a cute flower on the top of the cake in one of Teresa's favorite colors.  

Here's the cake in the color-matched kitchen (I think I did pretty well!!!).  

And here's the inside of the cake.  Delish!

There was some extra batter leftover from her cake, so I made some cupcakes as well.  My nephew is not a fan of frosting, so he got some plain chocolate cupcakes to help his mom celebrate.  And here were some extra cupcakes that I decorated with all of the extra frostings and fillings.


I hope you had a great birthday, Teresa!

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