Sunday, September 11, 2011

Buzz Lightyear Strikes Back!

My friend Jessica requested the Buzz Lightyear cake for her son. I'm getting pretty good at doing this cake and was up for the challenge for the third time. :) She wanted a yellow cake with raspberry filling. I use raspberry preserves as filling and I had a pretty good raspberry buttercream filling (I was going to do both for Jessica), but I've never received more compliments on one of my cakes than I had when I used this amazing strawberry buttercream. Jason, a friend of my brother-in-law's, came up to me after trying a cake that was filled with my strawberry buttercream and paid me the BEST compliment I've ever received. He said, "I come from a family of bakers. And NEVER have I tasted anything as delicious as that [strawberry spiral] cake." Thank you Jason!!!

I was wondering if I could take that recipe and adapt it for raspberries. Would it get the same response? Gosh, I HOPE so!!

I used about a pound and a half of raspberries and pureed them, but the seeds got in the way. So, I strained the puree, got rid of the seeds and continued on with my recipe. The recipe is a two-dayer. I had to let it chill overnight before completing it. After whipping it for about 6 minutes, this is the beautiful (and DELICIOUS) buttercream!

You can see flecks of the raspberries swirled throughout the mixture. It was the most beautiful color too!

And here's Buzz, filled to the brim with this delicious filling.

I hope they liked it!!!

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