Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Week Off But Still Baking

A week off for this Cake Mama doesn't necessarily mean that I won't be baking.  I often take advantage of week without cakes to do some experimentation in the kitchen and knock things off my "culinary bucket list".  A few years ago, it was a goal of mine to make creme brulee.  I got all of the equipment one Christmas from my parents (ramekins, torch) and was excited to learn that it was MUCH easier to make than I thought. 

The following year, I wanted to make a souflee.  My hubby bought me a souflee dish and I made two that year. 

The next year, I wanted to make Julia's Boueff Bourginon, and even though I am allergic to beef and would be unable to taste it, I had an eager husband who coached me along the way.  I made that recipe twice as well. 

Well, this year, I wanted to conquer homemade croissants.  It was Julia Child's 100th birthday last week and I thought it was the perfect occasion.  That, and I was hosting our Gourmet Dinner Club for breakfast on Sunday.  They're usually game for just about anything (except Greg who is pickier than even my daughter). 

The recipe was INCREDIBLY tough.  Seven pages of cookbook instructions and a few pictures dabbled throughout.  I youtube-d videos as well which I found incredibly helpful.  The whole process took THREE days to complete.  I made the dough one night, the next day I just rolled and the following day I proofed and baked the croissants.  I made three different kinds (because why not?);  plain, chocolate and almond, and this being my first try, I'm very proud of how they turned out.  

Next time, I'll have to roll them tighter.  I was so afraid that I would tear the dough, but it was much more elastic than I thought. 

And, to add to the already abundantly carbed meal on Sunday, I made homemade apple fritters.  These were delicious!  And SUPER easy to make.  I followed the Cook's Illustrated recipe and am VERY happy with how they turned out. 

Mmmmmmm!  The glaze was divine!

In case you're wondering, my culinary goal for 2013 is homemade pasta.  I think my 5-year old will love to help me with that one.  Pasta is a staple in her diet.

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  1. I remember my parents making homemade pasta when I was a kid. The easiest is homemade ravioli - and the hardest is spaghetti. One tip I'd give for making homemade spaghetti, make sure you have several non-wooden chairs to hang the noodles on!