Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Cake Pops

I taught a Wilton Pops! class earlier this month.  It was the first time that I taught said class and I did deter from the program a little bit.  First, my class was an additional hour in length and second, I actually taught how to make CAKE pops.  Overall, I think my students appreciated the extra information.

Because Easter was right around the corner, we themed our decorated Cake Pops accordingly.  My students made little chicks, bunnies and decorated Easter eggs.  It's amazing what you can do with chocolate chips, M & M's and candy corn!!   I think they turned out so cute!!!

I took this one step further, however.  My daughter had to bring in treats for her class Easter party at school.  I made some additional cake pops and turned the pops around so the sticks came out the top.  This way, when I added the Easter grass and candy to the bottom of the bags, the bunnies looked like they were sitting amongst the goodies.  I also rolled my cake pops in sugar.  It adds a little crunch and durability to the Pops.  Kids love 'em!

I hope your Easter was absolutely splendid and filled with super fun treats!!!

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