Monday, July 28, 2014

John's Mustang

My friend, Dani, contacted me to make a cake for her car-loving husband, John.  Dani and her husband live out of state, but she would be coming into Wisconsin right around his birthday and wanted me to make a cake for him.  Now, this isn't just ANY cake.  No.  It had to be a cake inspired by John's car.  A Mustang limited edition.  Hertz partnered with Rodger Penske to design 10 manual transmission Mustang GTs and John got #8.  And here's an article about the car.  Pretty cool, eh?  

Dani took a few pictures of John's car for me, hoping that I would be inspired.  And I was.  

Here's the cake I made for John.  It's a chocolate cake with buttercream filling and frosting.  I make the Mustang logo out of Gum Paste and fondant and got the sheen from an edible silver spray.  I made the cake black and brought in the yellow for the stripes on his car.  

HPGT 008 stands for Hertz Penske GT and his is #8.  Beautiful car!  I hope I did it some justice!

John is also a fan of Captain America and requested some cupcakes as well.  These are vanilla cupcakes, filled and frosted with buttercream and topped with fondant/gum paste decals.  The cupcakes themselves were also red, white, and blue.  But that was a surprise!

 Happy Birthday, John!  Dani, I'm sorry I missed you this time, but it was wonderful catching up with Hilde!  ;)

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