Monday, July 28, 2014

Grandma Dorothy's 94

My Grandma turned 94 last week.  Ninety-four!!!  She's still just as independent as ever and I look forward to making her cakes every year.  This year she wanted an angel food cake with old fashioned frosting.  

The frosting I chose was a 7-minute frosting that is meringue-based and totally yummy and marshmallow-y.  It's my Grandma's favorite.  The angel food cake is made from scratch and there's a hint of lemon in there.  I also macerated some strawberries so that she could have those on the side; a little strawberry shortcake, if you will.  

I topped the cake with some pink sugar and gum paste flowers and letters.  

Here's my Gramma Dorothy.  

Happy Birthday, Gram-gram!  I hope you had a spectacular day!

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