Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

 Laura requested some cupcakes for her husband's birthday celebration.  She asked for chocolate cupcakes with some sort of Oreo filling or frosting.  I thought that sounded delicious and started off with the cupcakes.  When it came time to do the filling and frosting, I realized that it would be a really big challenge to get a cookies and cream filling inside the cupcakes by piping them in (which is my preferred method) because the cookie chunks would be hard to manage.  So opted to do a buttercream filling and topped them with the "cookies and cream" buttercream.

Yes, sometimes there is an extra cupcake from time to time.  And yes, I do get to sample my baking from time to time.  And yes, these were delicious.  

I hope that the birthday boy had a great birthday!

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