Sunday, April 26, 2015

An Umizoomi Birthday Party

My Maren has been a fan of Team Umizoomi for quite some time now.  If you're unfamiliar with the show, let me explain that the show is on Nick Jr. and it's all about math; patterns, measuring, numbers and shapes.  I enjoy the show but not nearly as much as my daughter.  So it made sense that we would celebrate her 3rd birthday with a party all about her favorite show.

My first step in creating my daughter's cake was making the cake topper.  I had to do this several days before her party to insure that it would stand up properly on the cake without wilting.  

A shirt that ordered for her off of Etsy arrived just in time for me to complete the design of her cake.  All Maren wanted was a blue cake.  Just blue.  So I went with that.  Her blue Umizoomi shirt arrived and so did my ideas.  I'd make her a blue velvet cake and have it coordinate with this great shirt.  

Here's how the cake turned out.  Lots of shapes, patterns and the number 3 along with Bot, Milli and Geo in Umicar.  

Here's the cake at its final destination right by the goody bags.  My husband "takes the cake" for all of the work done on the goody bags.  He made Milli headbands, Geo belts and my other daughter, Josie, made Bot's Belly Screens.  We also included some Fruit by the Foot, shape slinkies, bracelets and bubbles and Umizoomi stickers.  

After going on a few Umizoomi adventures and "earning" their Milli headbands, Geo belts and Belly Screens, the kids were ready for lunch and cake.

Maren's a little unsure of what to do while everyone sings to her.  But she made the most of it!


Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet little Maren!  I hope you're party was Umi-riffic!

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